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Fact is- Protandim is not another vitamin supplement. They are cellular activators! A game changer.

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Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer™

Want to age well? 

Want vitality?

Then you have to activate your survival genes to make more antioxidants not take more in vitamin supplements.

These activators are exactly How to Reduce Your Oxidative Stress.

Oxidative stress to your cells is like rust is to a car.

Time to evolve from just taking supplements to activating your survival genes or “biohacking” as it’s called.

Clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in humans by 40% in 30 days.*

Independent, Peer- Reviewed Research from The Ohio State University, The Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, Washington State, LSU, The American Heart Association, The National Institutes of Health and more.

Protandim® Dual Synergizer™*

Want to slow down 2 reasons you age?

Protandim Nrf2 & NRF1 Synergizers* effectively reduce oxidative stress and support mitochondria function to fight the effects of aging.*


  • Reduce oxidative stress * 
  • Combat the effects of aging caused by oxidative stress * 
  • Activate Nrf2 protein to support natural antioxidant production * 
  • Support the cell's natural rejuvenation process * 
  • Protect cells from free radical damage * 
  • Promote cellular repair * 
  • Enhance daily performance and energy levels * 
  • Boost cellular health so that cells function at peak performance * 
  • Support healthy cellular aging by targeting genes to support chromosome maintenance * 

Protandim® Tri-Synergizer™*

Want to slow down 3 reasons you age?

Protandim Nrf2, NAD, and NRF1 Synergizers effectively reduce oxidative stress, support mitochondria function, increase sirtuin activity, and target cell signaling pathways to fight the effects of aging.


  • Improves mental focus and concentration*
  • Supports positive mood and motivation*
  • Boosts mental and physical energy*
  • Supports body's healthy inflammatory response*


Want to improve your immune system?

Want to control hunger?

One of the biggest mistakes smart people make when trying to lose weight and remain healthy is they do not take a probiotic or they do not take the right one.

ProBio helps improve the communication between your brain and gut to help signal that you are full.

ProBio is very different because it features a unique controlled-release technology, delivering probiotics throughout the day and deep into your digestive system — where they are needed most *


Brain Fog?

Need more memory retention?

Say Hello to the Other 90% of Your Brain!

Did you know that Nootropics (healthy energy for the brain) are a best kept secret among many successful business people and they are great for college students too.

Say no to energy drinks, say hello to Nootropics.

AXIO takes a different approach to energy—specially formulated to give energy to your mind, not just your body.

You need less fog and more clarity, not a cattle prod.

AXIO® Decaf

Smart Mental Energy Also Comes in DeCaf

  • Improves mental endurance & mental acuity, concentration & memory retention *
  • Enhances neurotransmitter function and the brain’s resilience to stress *
  • Reduces mental fatigue & brain fog *
  • Increases physical & mental energy while improving positive mood *
  • A clean, low-calorie, low-carb, vegetarian formula that is BSCG approved and free of artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners, added sugars, GMOs and gluten.

TrueScience® Hair Care System

It’s Time to Expect More Out of Haircare

Hair care has remained essentially the same for far too long – products that clean your scalp with chemicals that aren't ideal for your hair or the environment. The new TrueScience Hair Care System is designed differently. It’s formulated with Nrf2 technologies and a clean formula that puts more beneficial ingredients on your scalp and less toxins into the environment. It’s a biohacker’s approach to hair care and it’s changing everything.

TrueScience® Invigorating Shampoo

With Nrf2 ingredients

Formulated with Nrf2 ingredients and a blend of amino acids to eliminate hair frizz and strengthen each strand of hair. Good for your hair. Good for the environment.


  • Removes excess oil, dirt, pollution, and styling products without harsh detergents
  • Keeps hair looking smooth and feeling soft
  • Reduces hair frizz
  • Strengthens each hair strand
  • Mindfully formulated with Nrf2 ingredients

TrueScience® Nourishing Conditioner

With Nrf2 ingredients

Softer, smoother, more combable. TrueScience Nourishing Conditioner is designed to deliver the daily nourishment and protection your hair needs to look its best. No frizz. No harsh chemicals. All good.


  • Nourishes and conditions hair
  • Reduces hair frizz
  • Protect against environmental assaults
  • Reduces split ends
  • Improves shine and body for fuller and thicker looking hair
  • Mindfully formulated with Nrf2 ingredients

TrueScience® Scalp Serum

With Nrf2 ingredients

The TrueScience® Scalp Serum is formulated with a powerful combination of ingredients designed to nourish your scalp, support normal hair growth, and give your hair the shine and body you want. No more masking damaged hair. No more harsh chemicals. This scalp serum is designed to work at the root of the problem to support a healthy scalp for beautiful hair.


  • Maintains a normal balance of scalp microflora for healthy looking hair
  • Soothes all scalp types
  • Nourishes your scalp to support normal hair growth
  • Protect against environmental assaults
  • Improves shine and body for fuller and thicker looking hair
  • Mindfully formulated with Nrf2 ingredients

TrueScience® Beauty System

With enhanced Nrf2 technologies

TrueScience® Facial Cleanser, TrueScience® Perfecting Lotion, TrueScience® Eye Serum, TrueScience® Anti-Aging Cream

Whether it’s the appearance of firmer skin, even tones, less-visible wrinkles or bags under your eyes, TrueScience can give your skin the youthful, radiant, healthy look you want.


  • Mitigates visible effects of skin damage caused by oxidative stress
  • Steps up skin’s own natural protective barriers
  • Provides protection against environmental assaults on skin
  • Counterbalances the visible negative effects of sun related damage

TrueScience® Facial Cleanser

With enhanced Nrf2 Technologies

With a sulfate-safe emollient and Nrf2 technologies, the TrueScience Facial Cleanser cleans and moisturizes your skin without stripping away vital natural oils.

And because we engineered it with Nrf2 technologies, your skin cells have the support they need to continue repairing themselves for healthier looking skin. Cleanse, restore, and repair for a youthful glow. It’s that simple.


  • Cleans without stripping skin’s natural oils
  • Soothes and hydrates
  • Leaves skin clean, soft and balanced
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin

TrueScience® Perfecting Lotion

With enhanced Nrf2 Technologies

Enhanced Nrf2 technologies—Visibly improves your skin tone, reduces discoloration and brings back a youthful radiance to your face.


  • Built with enhanced Nrf2 technologies
  • Rebalances the skin to provide optimal protection from environmental assaults
  • Creates smoother, radiant and brighter looking skin
  • Reduces visible signs of discoloration and uneven skin tone

TrueScience® Eye Serum

With enhanced Nrf2 Technologies

Refresh and brighten your eyes with a brand new approach that minimizes the appearance of dark circles, visibly firms your skin, and diminishes the appearance of bags that might be dragging you down.

The skin around your eyes is sensitive. It’s also one of the first areas to show aging. We blame all the smiling and laughing that adds up over the years.


  • Visibly tightens and firms upper eyelids to help with tired looking eyes
  • Reduces visible signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Makes skin look more firm
  • Diminishes the appearance of puffiness

TrueScience® Anti-Aging Cream

With enhanced Nrf2 Technologies

An advanced, anti-aging cream clinically shown to deeply moisturize and help combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You’ll look rejuvenated and visibly younger in just 28 days. You might also do a few double takes when you walk by the mirror, but we won’t judge. Promise.


  • Reduces visible signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases the appearance of blotchiness
  • Addresses visible loss of firmness and elasticity
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Boosts overall radiance and glow
  • Skin appears smoother
  • Re-energizes skin for a more youthful appearance

TrueScience® Hand Cream

With Nrf2 ingredients, natural oils and shea butter, a potato-based alternative to silicon, and an invigorating grapefruit-eucalyptus fragrance, TrueScience® Hand Cream absorbs quickly without the grease.


  • Fights the signs of premature aging on your hands *
  • Reinforces your skin for a more youthful appearance*
  • Hydrates your skin to keep it looking firm and young*
  • Invigorates with a fresh grapefruit-eucalyptus fragrance

These next 4 wellness tools are my must have secret weapons.

I spoke with a neurologist of 30 years from Yale and they shared with me that they use CBDa 10X PURE from CTFO to help their patients with anxiety and depression.

On Guard Soft Gels, are safe, herbal caps that you can take for a few days if you feel like you’re coming down with something.  (They are in my daughter’s college dorm.)

The Digest Zen is a Godsend for those belly aches from over doing it or just some food intolerance.

The indigenous, roll on oil, Clary Calm, is incredible for not only menstrual cramps but balancing hormones.

* This is not used by women who are already pregnant or nursing – but it surely can help get you to that positive test.


Not all CBD is created equal! This was recommended to me by a dear friend and a Neurologist from Yale. This is organic, anti- inflammatory, which is rare, and 10 X strong and it is safe, even if you are pregnant or nursing.

On Guard Softgels

The secret weapon in your medicine cabinet. Don’t be without it.

On Guard+ is a great way to strengthen and maintain healthy immune function when seasonal threats are high.* Encapsulated in vegetarian softgels, this distinctive blend contains essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system and their ability to protect against environmental threats.

* On Guard+ should be taken only on an occasional basis.

Directions for Use On Guard Soft Gels

Take 1 or more soft gels as needed to promote healthy immune function.

Most people can take 2 soft gels in the am and 2 soft gels in the pm for one or two days when they feel like they are coming down with something.


DigestZen is well known for its ability to aid in digestion, soothe occasional stomach upset or discomfort, and maintain overall digestive health when taken internally.

DigestZen is great to have on hand when your stomach is bothering you, and it is safe and effective. Internal use of DigestZen is a healthy, natural, and gentle way to soothe an upset stomach or maintain a healthy digestive system.


  • Add a few drops to water to take internally.
  • Rub on the stomach before flying or taking a road trip for a calming aroma.
  • Take DigestZen internally when traveling or trying new foods to soothe occasional stomach upset.*
  • Add to water or tea to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diffusion: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.
  • Internal use: Dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid.
  • Topical use: Apply one to two drops to desired area. You can Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.
  • This oil is Kosher certified.

ClaryCalm® Oil

Amazingly helpful with balancing hormones and soothing cramps.

ClaryCalm is a proprietary blend of essential oils that provides a soothing and calming effect during a woman’s menstrual cycle. A topical blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex, ClaryCalm provides a cooling effect to the skin and help balance emotions.


  • During your menstrual cycle, apply to abdomen to experience a soothing and calming massage.
  • During moments of heat, apply to the skin for a cooling, soothing effect.
  • Diffuse for a calming aroma that helps soothe heightened emotions.

Directions for Use

Topical use: Apply topically to the back of the neck, on temples, and bottoms of feet. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.

***Do NOT use Clary Calm if you are pregnant or you think you are pregnant.





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I use The Core 4 Daily! I also love and use The Epi Genius Chocolate Shake for Kids, The MVP Sport Shakes in Chocolate and Vanilla, The Enzyme Advantage when my digestion needs some kindness, and The Daily Fiber Organic Caramel Apple with Oat milk after dinner. A Fat Burner. 🙂

Oh, the Can't Beet This in Hot Water with Organic Stevia is Coffee for me, such a better boost.

And The Aloe Digest is fabulous to sip on during the day over ice. No need for Gatorade, soda or other recreational beverages.



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60-Day money back guarantee

The Core 4 Customize Your Shakes


The Core 4 is a Daily Routine they most people do not want to live without.

It contains the Power Shake along with the LOV Super Meal if you choose. These provide LIVE greens, super foods and healthy fats.

The Super Amino 23 is pre-digested vegan protein to build muscle, produce energy and it may help reduce appetite.

The Biome Medic helps to remove 74% of toxic glyphosate from your system in just 6 weeks. 

The Apothe Cherry, contains naturally occurring melatonin, so that you can sleep soundly, rest and recover.

Super Amino Vegan Protein!


This is safe, clean, pre-digested, vegan protein that gets absorbed into your muscles in 23 minutes, without producing the catabolic waste that animal protein produces.

Humans cannot produce 10 of the 20 amino acids, they must be obtained from food. Amino acids build protein chains. Failure to obtain enough of these essential amino acids, even 1 or 2 of the 10 essential amino acids, causes the body’s protein in muscle to degrade, which can cause other serious health issues. Amino acids are not stored in the body like fat and starch. These essential proteins must be in food daily.

Super Amino 23 is a convenient, efficient, safe way to get these essential building blocks of protein so that you do not have to consume animal protein daily which can cause poor health outcomes over time.  

Biome Medic


Biome Medic is a rare, one of a kind product, that safely and conveniently clears the body of glyphosate (toxic herbicides and pesticides,) which is found everywhere. It is in our food and throughout our environment.  We can´t escape it.

This exclusive and proprietary formula filled with all-natural ingredients was awarded a Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution.

Biome Medic can help flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria and protect your microbiome from GMO damage; exceptional.

Symptoms of Glyphosate poisoning -

  • Headache – Dizziness- Coma- Drowsiness- Low blood pressure -Weakness
  • Abdominal cramps- Diarrhea - Irritation in the mouth and throat
  • Anxiety- Difficulty breathing -Blue fingernails
  • Nausea and vomiting (some people vomit blood)
  • Gastrointestinal corrosion -Mouth and throat pain -Abdominal pain
  • Difficulty swallowing -Organ damage to the liver and kidneys
  • Kidney failure to the extent of needing dialysis -Respiratory distress
  • Pulmonary edema -Shock- Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Significant irregular heart rhythm
  • Impaired consciousness- Metabolic acidosis -Severe skin burns- Corneal injury



Organic super fruit sour/tart cherries are a core Purium product. Apothe-Cherry contains, naturally occurring melatonin, which is a natural sleep aide, a wide variety of unique antioxidants, and phytochemicals to help balance circadian rhythms, support healthy joint function and promote healthy uric acid metabolism.

May help:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce free radical damage
  • Beautify skin
  • Create a healthy response to inflammation



L O V Live Organic Vegan Green Super Meal Shake Original


Purium’s L.O.V. Super Meal (Original flavor) is composed of 30+ pure, premium, natural, whole food ingredients.

L.O.V is a Live, Organic, Vegan meal replacement that is also 7 products in 1: Weight Loss Formula + Protein Drink + Fiber Supplement + Essential Fatty Acid Supplement + Super-Antioxidant + Immune Support Supplement + Energy Drink


  • May support healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • May help increase energy

L O V Live Organic Vegan Green Super Meal Shake Vanilla Chai


Purium’s L.O.V. Super Meal (Vanilla Chai flavor) is composed of 30+ pure, premium, natural, whole food ingredients.

L.O.V is a Live, Organic, Vegan meal replacement that is also 7 products in 1: Weight Loss Formula + Protein Drink + Fiber Supplement + Essential Fatty Acid Supplement + Super-Antioxidant + Immune Support Supplement + Energy Drink


  • May support healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • May help increase energy

Power Shake - Organic Green Shake- Original


Nourish your body with super greens and healthy fats. A core Purium product, Power Shake is our legacy green drink that can help energize and balance alkalinity every day.

May help:

  • Improve energy
  • Reduce cravings
  • Fuel your cells
  • Create satisfied feeling

Power Shake- Apple Berry Flavor


Nourish your body with super greens and healthy fats. A core Purium product, Power Shake is our legacy green drink that can help energize and balance alkalinity every day.

Our Apple-Berry flavor provides a sweeter taste without any harmful, unnatural or sugar-based additives.

May help:

  • Improve energy
  • Reduce cravings
  • Fuel your cells  Create satisfied feeling

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Kit


Most people start with this kit!  Game changing!

Truly transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood. The products in this 30-day program will nourish and detoxify your body with vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, gut health, organic super fruit and natural colon cleansing support.

  • Replace 2 meals per day (for less than $11 per day)
  • NO cooking for 2 meals a day!
  • Great for intermittent fasting

Very helpful schedules and information included!

Ten-Day Cleansing

This 10-day program is a shorter version of the 30-day program Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Flood your body with nutrient-dense, low calorie superfoods and break addictions to sugar, salt, carbs, and chemicals.

  • Aids the body in detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract
  • Helps the body break addictions to harmful foods
  • Burns fat and builds muscle

Pack contains:

  • Power Shake Apple Berry
  • Apothe-Cherry
  • Super Amino 23
  • Super CleansR
  • Biome Medic
  • Blender Bottle

*Blender Bottle color and design may vary

Committed to freeing our planet from plastic pollution, our new packaging is home compostable, for non-edible gardens and soil. Remove the label prior to home composting.

Super Cleans-R

A gentle, safe, routine to do a couple times a year to remove the toxins in our GI tract. This is the secret to so many health issues and weight gain.

A core Purium product, Super CleansR, helps enhance the body’s peristaltic action which loosens embedded and impacted matter, helping your body to cleanse deeply and effectively!

May help:

  • Increase elimination
  • Release toxins
  • Flush parasites

*And Purium will be Plastic free in 2021!

Fulvic Zeolite

Remove Heavy Metals and Toxins.

Zeolite, one of the few negatively charged minerals, is formed naturally when volcanic lava reacts with salt water. Our zeolite has been synergistically combined with fulvic acid to create Fulvic Zeolite, which acts like a magnet, drawing positively charged toxins and heavy metals out of the body. We recommend combining it with any of our super green foods for added assimilation and cellular cleansing.

Effective part of any detoxification program

  • May balance pH levels and help restore electrical conductivity in the body
  • Safe for all ages over 2 years


CONTROL Pre-Meal Capsules are specifically designed to help you eat less and reduce the impact of simple carbohydrates and sugars, lessening the possibility that your body will convert them into fat. It is a great addition to any weight loss regimen.

May help curb cravings and reduce appetite

  • May support healthy blood sugar levels

May neutralize starches found in processed carbohydrates

Can’t Beet This

Excellent for Your Pre Work Out! It is a great hot drink in the morning too with stevia.

Naturally power up your performance with an organic pre-workout beetroot juice. Low in sugar, the formula delivers oxygen and nutrients to fuel workouts and keep endurance strong. Sustaining vascular integrity and health, CAN’T BEET THIS is filled with natural herbs and plants to support energy levels. Great tasting Passionfruit and Guava flavor.

  • May help maximize vascular integrity
  • Provides a natural source of energy
  • May support healthy blood sugar levels

Epi Genius Chocolate Vegan Shake!

A fantastic wellness “tool” for adults and children!

Finally a CLEAN, Vegan, Yummy Shake! Whew!

The DELICIOUS taste of CREAMY CHOCOLATE and the power of over 20 organic superfoods. That’s genius, right? No, it’s Epi-Genius Kids, our newest product for all the little ones in your family! Create a healthy craving with super fruits, super vegan protein, super greens and super vitamins. It tastes so good, you’ll wonder how we fit in all the fruits and greens. We don’t know who will like it more: you or your kids! 

  • Encourages healthy eating habits by providing 1360mg of fruits and 350mg of veggies
  • Supports digestive health with 1 capsule of Purium’s Biome Medic per serving (exclusive formula of digestive enzymes, and pre- and probiotics)
  • Provides energy and 8g of protein per serving, with a specially-designed blend of protein

Kids Immune Shield

Moms are especially thrilled with this one!

Immune Shield is a pure organic formula which supports your child’s immune system. Just a few drops can keep children healthier as well as re-balance little bodies when they aren’t at 100% strength.


  • Supports natural immunity
  • Non-pharmaceutical

Alcohol-free concentrate safe for children

MVP KIDS Chocolate

Organic, Gluten- Free, Vegan, Protein. It’s delicious and not just for kids!

Plant-based MVP Kids is a convenient way to keep your child fueled and healthy. Good nutrition can actually be delicious AND easy!

  • 10 grams of pure protein
  • May provide calm, sustained energy
  • 100% non-GMO

MVP Sport Chocolate

Finally, an organic, gluten- free, Non- GMO, super food protein that is perfect for the hot yoga and Pilates lover as well as, the high school, college and professional athlete.

This one’s for the chocolate lover!

Packed with 32 grams of protein from peas, pumpkin and brown rice, MVP Sport supports muscle-building recovery without the calories. Digestive enzymes and probiotics allow for easy digestion and assimilation. This organic blend also includes herbs, such as Turmeric, Maca and Chaga Mushrooms, to target joints for extra recovery support. Naturally flavored for a smooth chocolate taste.

  • High protein, low carb, low calories
  • Natural source of digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • May reduce cravings and appetite

MVP Sport Vanilla

Finally, an organic, gluten- free, Non- GMO, super food protein that is perfect for the hot yoga and Pilates lover as well as, the high school, college and professional athlete.

Don’t underestimate the taste of vanilla!

Packed with 32 grams of protein from peas, pumpkin and brown rice, MVP Sport supports muscle-building recovery without the calories. Digestive enzymes and 2884probiotics allow for easy digestion and assimilation. This organic blend also includes herbs, such as Turmeric, Maca and Chaga Mushrooms, to target joints for extra recovery support. Naturally flavored for a creamy vanilla taste.

  • High protein, low carb, low calories
  • Natural source of digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • May reduce cravings and appetite

Daily Fiber Organic Caramel Apple

Helps increase adiponectin- known as The Skinny Hormone!

Gluten- free, Kosher, Organic, Vegan- Most people say it is a sweet treat.

Daily Fiber Blend actually burns fat. Key ingredient, "Rice Bran Fiber," safely and naturally increases adiponectin (the "skinny hormone") - helping your body burn fat. The gluten-free, high-quality fiber sources and delicious all-natural caramel apple flavor formula raises the bar on what a fiber product can be.


  • May enhance bowel function
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function
  • May support a weight loss regimen

Aloe Digest

Gastric reflux? Upset stomach? Gas ache?

Everyone needs a little extra digestion and immune support. Aloe Vera is one of nature’s best aid. Rich with polysaccharides and based in organic coconut water, our Organic Aloe Digest is the perfect support for at any time of the day!

  • May promote healthy digestion
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • May help nutrient absorption

Barley Green Juice Organic

Not feeling very well?  Doctor talking about your blood sugar? Cravings?

This Organic Barley Green is a Simple Tool for Internal Ph Balance.

Purium’s Barley Green Juice is grown in pristine fields and watered with mineral springs to ensure it has nature’s maximum nutritional input. It contains highly assimilable chlorophyll, which is important for total nutrition.


  • Aids in the achievement of healthy pH levels
  • Great for natural cellular cleansing
  • May support healthy blood sugar levels when taken between meals

Enzyme Advantage

Having a Hard Time Digesting?

Purium’s Enzyme Advantage is a patented, shelf-stable, aspergillus derived formula that helps your body break down and assimilate nutrients in the foods you eat. This also ensures that no food remains in your body undigested, causing gastrointestinal distress or discomfort. We recommend combining this product with our Advanced Probiotic for your best digestive health.


  • May support healthy digestion
  • Can help eliminate toxins
  • May support healthy immune function

Holistic Fitness Pack

Hey High School, College, Pro and Amateur Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, Yoga Lovers and Fitness Friends!

A holistic approach to fitness requires specialized formulas. Our pre- and post workout products will help transform your body and your approach to fitness AND help provide noticeable difference and improvement in your performance.

  • Support healthy oxygen, nitric oxide, and nutrient levels in your blood
  • Help reduce lactic acid, dehydration and deficiencies that lead to headache, cramping and fatigue
  • Promote rapid recovery and repair of new muscle growth
  • Promote more elastic (tighter) skin and lean muscle synthesis

Products Included:

  • 2 Super Amino 23
  • 2 MVP Sport (Your Choice)
  • 2 Can't Beet This!
  • 2 Super Xanthin
  • 1 Super Lytes

What eye shadow do I use?  Eye- make up remover? Highlighter?

Clean, Safe and High – Quality of course…

Department Store Quality        Exceptional Safety

Here is my Beauty Counter short list and of course I included the baby products. Unfortunately, these were not around when my baby was born, but you will get to enjoy them all. xo

(Check out the products for the men in your life too. And this is a fun site to shop for gifts all year long.)

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Some of my favorites…


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