Balance your weight & hormones


so that you can have the child of your


And down the road, you can SAIL THROUGH MENOPAUSE! The secret is IN YOUR CELLS!


The 5 Little-Known Reasons That Women Can Suffer with Infertility and My 29 Favorite Recipes That Can Help Balance Hormones and Weight

These behind the scenes strategies in my proven 5-step formula and kitchen tips were taught to me by some of the foremost medical doctors and research scientists in the nation.

I have seen too many women suffer with anxiety, infertility, and weight issues, then years later really battle the hot flashes, headaches, and belly fat; and, worse- auto immune diseases.

It breaks my heart and it all stops here.

“I’ve taught thousands of women (from their 30’s to 70’s) in the US, Canada, and overseas how to simply drop extra weight, balance their hormones and get their cells to behave like they did when they were 18, using my 5 Step, Science-Based System The HEART of Fertility."

Hi. I 'm Dr Lana Kontos

Hi I’m Lana Kontos, board – certified naturopathic doctor, trained and certified diet and lifestyle intervention practitioner, 50 something wife and Mom and, the creator of The HEART of Fertility Formula and The HEART of Fertility System…it’s a one of a kind, successful plan that I have taught to  many smart, successful, savvy women, just like you, for over a decade.

Because, if you learn how to protect your fertility in your 30’s and have that bundle of joy, when you’re ready to be a Mom, those same steps will help you sail through menopause in your 50’s. I know, I did it.

It was not that easy for me though.

I had my own struggle with gaining and losing those same 10- 15 pounds, serious digestive issues and 5 years of the stress and anxiety of infertility. And no one cold help. I read, I researched and it was one of the reasons that eventually led me back to school.

I’ve been trained by one of the foremost surgeons at The Cleveland Clinic, world- renowned nutritional biochemist from Cornell University, the founder of The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, DC and many more outstanding physicians and scientists.

I began my practice after years of school, training and mentoring and having that beautiful, healthy baby girl at 37, yes, my chart said, “Advanced Maternal Age!”

And, in my 40’s and 50’s I never had a hot flash, headaches, belly fat or depression.

I’m telling you my new friend, it all comes down to the health of your cells!

I am even writing a book that will launch in 2021 called

What in the CELL is going on? (thank you Cheri for the name) The HEART of Fertility- 5 Steps to Improve your Cellular Health so the You Can Have The Child of Your DREAMS!

The impact of working with and helping these women whether they had infertility, digestive or weight issues became so joyful and empowering for me I had to help more women around the US and the world!

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