Eat for the WIN will open near the end of April.

This is my new program: Exactly How to Eat for Weight Loss, Immune Health, Infertility & No More Menopause Symptoms!

These behind the scenes secrets in my Eat for the WIN programs were taught to me by some of the foremost medical doctors and scientists in the world.

Most women start with this one thing! I won't be without it!

“I've taught thousands of women for over 12 years how to simply lose weight and balance their hormones, without counting calories, slaving in the gym, or taking more medications using my Proven, Step by Step Formulas.”

Hi. I'm Lana Kontos,

I am a board-certified naturopathic doctor, trained and certified diet and lifestyle intervention practitioner, a digestive health specialist, Mom, wife, hot yoga and beach lover, and the creator of

Eat For The WIN... for Women and Men

Learn Exactly How to Eat and Live for Weight Loss, Immune Health, Infertility (PCOS) and No More Menopause Symptoms. (The course is only offered a few times a year.)

Most diets, wellness plans and association websites have inaccurate or incomplete information and that can be dangerous for you.

I have created science- based  formulas with accurate health information so that you can safely get results in just minutes a day.

Discover A Huge Insider Weight Loss and Hormone Balancing Secret...


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