These behind the scenes secrets in my programs were taught to me by some of the foremost medical doctors and scientists in the world.

A Simple Daily Step that can naturally and easily help strengthen your immune system, improve sleep and anxiety and reduce a protein connected to heart disease!

I've taught thousands of women and men for nearly 14 years how to simply lose weight, balance hormones, and live with vitality. I have also helped cancer patients in tremendous situations all using my Proven, Step by Step Formulas." Click link to learn more.

Hi. I'm Lana Kontos,

I am humbly blessed with rare training. I am a board-certified naturopathic doctor, trained and certified diet and lifestyle intervention practitioner, digestive health specialist, Mom, wife, hot yoga and beach lover, and have done science- based,  professional wellness consulting for nearly 14 years.


I help those with a cancer diagnosis or who have had an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine using a little- known, safe, step-by- step plan.


Most people do not know that the diet plans and association websites have inaccurate or incomplete information, and that can be extremely dangerous for you.

I have created science- based  formulas, with accurate health information, so that you can safely improve health outcomes, and live with vitality. I never make health or medical claims; my consultations are life- altering and steeped in science. Click link below to learn more.

Discover A Safe, Natural, Way to Improve Your Immunity Even If You are Healthy and Protect Your Immunity       If You are Not.

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