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"Lana is extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness and an enthusiastic speaker. Her education about naturopathic medicine and medical science has been impressive. I believe she is perfect to lead others to the understanding of what it takes to acquire and "be in good health." She has personally helped me with my health and I highly recommend working with her on your health too."

- Dr. David A. Brys, MD


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Have you struggled to find healthcare that doesn’t rely on medication or invasive procedures? It’s hard to know which information is trustworthy when you’re looking for alternative ways to treat health problems.

That’s what Inspired by Wellness is here to change. This is the place to find safe, natural, trustworthy health plans that will bring your mind and body to peak health. All of Inspired by Wellness’s programs were developed by Dr. Lana Kontos, a highly trained naturopathic doctor who’s studied with some of the top specialists in the world. People from all over the planet have used these programs to dramatically improve their health while maintaining a happy, fun lifestyle.

You deserve to feel good again. Inspired by Wellness is here to help.


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