How to Transform Your Heart Health

How to Heal Heart Disease With Nothing but a Proven Program

Have you had a heart attack? Have you had a stroke? Have you been diagnosed with heart disease?

Worse, you've been told to get your affairs in order? Have your doctors said there's nothing you can do? Have you been told that diet doesn't matter?


A 1 hour private phone consult so that you can improve your heart health and cut your learning curve by months. Rare information will be shared!


How to energize & empower your group with a proven step by step plan so that your audience can improve their heart health. A little-known medical breakthrough is shared as well.


Meet Dr. Lana on the phone for a valuable 30-40 minutes and leave with a strategic, effective and clear plan to improve your heart health. This important information can improve digestive health as well.


Have a question or want to learn more about a certain program? Send me a message and I'll be glad to help.