Client Success

I'm compassionate and a straight shooter. You wants results; you need me to be. I 'm the 50 something Mom of a wise

beyond her years teenager, a wife, daughter, an ND, a bio-hacker, beach lover and hot yoga addict. I get the busy part, we'll do it together.

When we lost my brother Todd to brain cancer it changed me and my family forever. I've got some really rare training and I'm on a personal and professional mission to spread wellness around the world. People deserved to be empowered with the right information.

I had my own health issues as a young adult in my twenties; acid reflux, IBS, allergies, and the yo-yo 10 pounds which I hated. I feel amazing,  I'm in the best shape of my life and I want to teach you how to do it too.

I get crazy good results because I listen, it's all based on science and the good people who join me want better health.

I've been blessed to have been a part of many wellness journeys; some were kind enough to share their stories and how they know me...

"Lana is extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness and an enthusiastic speaker. Her education about naturopathic medicine and medical science has been impressive. I believe she is perfect to lead others to the understanding of what it takes to acquire and "be in good health." She has personally helped me with my health and I highly recommend working with her on your health too."

- Dr. David A. Brys, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, OH,  The Ohio State University School of Medicine, USC

“Lana is right on target with teaching the link between diet and disease. I see individuals with adverse health conditions daily in my practice. Nutrition is most definitely a key component to obtaining and maintaining our health. I trust her and I recommend working with her and taking control of your own health.  It is time to take responsibility for ourselves and for children and not rely on traditional medicine alone. Don't wait for a diagnosis, prevention is the key.”

- Dr. Harry Condoleon, DO, Iowa, Oncology, General Surgery, Family Medicine

“It takes an absolute commitment to excellence, thoroughness, and our passion to make a true impact on our patients, our community and our family. I fully believe that Dr. Lana possesses these and many more qualities- through past experiences, current activities and future goals. She is someone who currently and will continue to increasingly be an asset to those in her influence.”

- Dr. Craig Cleal, DC, Warren, Ohio, Owner 212 Chiropractic

"Dr. Lana Kontos is a rare breed. Her knowledge is vast on both the medical front coupled with her understanding on how to help naturally. Her knowledge, training and compassion has helped me through some tough times with my health.
I'm learning how to lose weight the right way, how to keep it off and how to keep my heart healthy and have the energy I need as I age!

She always knows what to do with every situation I've faced. I'm very thankful she's there to guide me every step of  of they way with my health."

-Jackie Kilby,  Business Owner, Mom and Grandmother

“Through my time with Dr. Lana, I have lowered my cholesterol 30 points, increased my energy dramatically and lost 5 points in my body mass index! My pants are finally loose! I have eliminated my acid reflux as well as two prescriptions that I was taking regularly and that alone saved me over $800 a month out of pocket! I highly suggest you start to work with Dr. Lana and her programs today and follow every simple step she recommends because you can get amazing results. Lana sincerely cares about people. The best part is we have become great friends through this process. It has all been a blessing”

- Peg Rodway,  Youngstown, Ohio, Two Time Breast Cancer Survivor, Business Owner

“Lana is passionate, caring and knows her stuff. Our family really has had our eyes opened through learning her programs. She's educating me through mid- life and even helped me with cooking and shopping tips. I trust her and I plan to work with her for years to come.”

- Greta Cassudakis, Cleveland, Ohio, Interior Designer, Business Owner and Mother

" My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS and I'm a busy working Mom of three who needed more energy and balance. We worked with Dr. Lana

in her private practice and we learned information that not only helped us feel better and overcome symptoms, we learned specific steps that will help protect our family for life. It's the continued support that helps everyone with any goal in life so I can't wait to be a member of her online wellness community too."

- Amy Waid,  Cortland, Ohio Wife, Mom, Business Owner

"Dr. Lana is my go to for a straight forward answer about women's health. I have known her for over 20 years and I trust her every word. I highly recommend working with her one on one and also in her wellness membership community. I won't miss out."

- Terri Parker, Warren, OH,  Senior Executive Office Administrator, Schiavoni, Schiavoni, Bush & Muldowney Co., LPA

“I met Dr. Lana through a referral from a friend and began to work with her right away in her private program because I was very interested in improving my health. I implemented just one of her simple steps into my life and my friends tell me I took 10 years off of my face! My sleep improved and my energy level has also greatly increased and the best part, my body tremors have completely gone away! Dr. Lana is honest and full of knowledge and I truly recommend that you begin to work with her and change your life too.”

-  Sandy Whitmore, Idaho, Talent Agency Director and Busy Mom

“I have worked with Lana for years and her passion for great health is a way of life for her. Our entire family has benefited from learning her Science- Based program. My son had his best year yet playing high school football. Both of my kids missed less school this year and my husband and I have a lot of extra energy. Dr. Lana will certainly keep you healthy. These programs work. Your family should not be without this information. Who does not want to lose extra pounds, prevent disease, boost your energy and prevent your family from getting ill in the future? I would call Dr. Lana today.”

- Theresa Bettencourt, California, Vice President  Sales, Int'l Beauty Company, Become Beauty 

 “How can I fit everything that I want to say about Dr. Lana into a short paragraph? Here goes- she is amazing, naturally gifted, a leading authority in her practice and industry, so easy to engage and get along with I feel as though she is a dear friend. She is extremely professional, dedicated, enthusiastic, fun, giving, everything that you would want in a doctor, speaker and educator and more. I learned so much from her. I could keep going but just hire her and find out for yourself. She is someone you want in your corner, on your family's wellness team and at your corporate work event- period."

- Starr Hall, San Luis Obispo, California, Author of Best Seller Get Connected, CEO of Smarty VA

“Fasten your seat belts for this dynamic woman who literally eats, sleeps and drinks wellness! Dr. Lana is one of the most knowledgeable health and wellness educators of our time. She is beautiful on the inside and out and speaks with purpose and conviction. Her dynamic style and elegant presence captivates people and moves them to action. She will show you step-by-step how to bring positive, life changing enhancements to your life. Her life is an inspiration to me and many others. Do not miss an opportunity to be inspired by wellness and Dr. Lana Kontos. I experienced positive results the first week.  I will not be without her expertise for my own health. She is and always will be a part of my professional wellness team.”

- Angela Brown, Seattle, WA, CEO Empowering Actions, National Speaker , CEO Leadership Coach: NASA, FDA, Duke University; John Maxwell Leadership Trainer

“Dr. Lana's vast knowledge in nutrition and wellness is awe inspiring, She brings passion, enthusiasm and a formative  background to her profession. She is an amazing resource! It is obvious to the client that Lana is a woman who is well educated, which comes across during her work. Her authenticity along with her commitment to helping people is very moving and is also why she is such a successful doctor and wellness mentor. I am honored to have her in my life!"

- Kim Boucher, E. Longmeadow, MA,CEO Clear Vision Coaching, National Sales Director Jafra Cosmetics

 "I have known Lana for over 34 years. She's watched our boys grow into adults. She is still very much a part of my life and always will be. I watch her now as a wife, Mother, naturopathic doctor and business woman and I truly admire and respect her. She has a heart of gold and will help anyone in need. She has always had a passion to live a healthy lifestyle and her Company Inspired by Wellness is a perfect fit for her mission in life and her personality. I learn from her all the time and I have watched her mentor literally thousands in her career. She has always taken great care of herself. I would highly recommend working with her personally. If you can get on her calendar as a private client do it, as your life will be touched in a special way. "

- Dianne M. Karl, Columbus, OH and Marco Island, FL Wife, Mom of three, Grandmother

"Dr. Lana Kontos is a well informed and enthusiastic speaker. Her vast knowledge and giving nature about wellness made her the perfect guest for the Think Fit Radio Show. I learned a lot.”

- Kim Caldwell,  Memphis, TN Author of Green Smoothies Saved My Life and Host of the Nationally Syndicated Think Fit Radio Show

“Dr. Lana is a consummate professional, an authority in the area of nutrition and health and wellness. She is passionate and articulate, when discussing the ways her clients can lead healthier and more desirable lives. I am impressed by her commitment to excellence and her ability to articulate principles in a manner that is easy to understand for her clients. I came to her over the years with my own health issues. She will serve as a catalyst to initiate a profound result in those fortunate enough to  be her private client, a member of her community  or witness one of her corporate presentations.”

- Dr. Alan Boyer, NV, CEO, ONA HealthCare

"What I learned was eye opening! My first reaction was everyone needs to know about this!  I honestly would begin her programs and bring along some friends. You will truly feel so much better!  When I began to work with Lana last year the first step she taught me helped me feel better the very next day! My energy remained constant.  I slept better and had no more stomach problems. That was a relief!  She is very easy to talk with and you can tell this is her passion."

- Natalie Shaner, Ohio, High School Teacher and Mother

"I dropped without warning January 20, 2008 with a 3” by 5” brain tumor. I had 47 grand-maul seizures, 37 radiation treatments, 6 different surgeries and 9 months of chemotherapy.  I spent 14 months since that time researching how to fight cancer other than medicine alone.  Lana shared with me perhaps one of the most important and significant elements to maintaining your health and fighting disease. It literally changed everything for me! My blood counts remained normal the entire time I was on chemotherapy and I did not lose my hair. I feel great! My system is balanced and I’m more energetic. I am also now at my optimum weight."

- Nick Macrinos, Ohio, Business Owner and 2 Time Brain Cancer Survivor

"My Data: Diabetic 5 years plus oral meds until June 2011 then A1C was 9.5 blood sugar fasting was 240 went on insulin humalog 4 units in morning and 6 units before lunch and dinner in addition needed to take long acting insulin at night and was up to 20 units at night. Dec 2011 Weight was 201/202 # then felt I was insulin resistant – I took more insulin yet sugars stayed up, a1C in early January was 7.3 then blood sugar was 140 fasting – I was fed up. 1-5-2012 I started to work with Lana and got on nutritional plan and supplemental plan with her (in addition to a very committed exercise routine) I was not letting diabetes win. Lana is great as is inspirational, she is a very knowledgeable accountability partner and coach. Now less than 2 months later 2-23-12 Still on oral meds(for now) Fasting blood sugars have been between 90 and 110 (from 240!) everyday last couple of weeks and even 2 hours after meals still below 130 to 140 I haven’t had an a1c yet but my guess it will be well below 7 hopefully low 6's or even 5's! NO INSULIN for last 3 weeks weight 178.5 this morning so down 23 lbs in 2 months Thanks to Lana for inspiring me and guiding me you are awesome."

- Tom Shortreed, Ohio, RN, MBA