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My Vision

Provide science-based resources that help people worldwide achieve optimum health for generations to come.

My Belief

I believe that a significant change brings a significant difference and as humans become healthier one person at a time a healing will begin physically, mentally and spiritually on our planet that will be larger than any of us could ever imagine.

Our Mission

To educate and support individuals all over the world in their journey to optimum health through exceptional dietary and lifestyle habits.

Lana Kontos, N.D.

I help savvy, smart, busy working women drop sizes and stop symptoms with a science-based, 5 Step System...called Your Skinny Kitchen

Amazing Energy, A Flat Tummy and Great Sex, what EVERY woman wants.

You're fabulous but your symptoms are getting in the way.


You're frustrated with:

those few extra pounds, exhaustion, a stressed stomach; add menopause symptoms; bad, mix!

Sometimes your symptoms even keep you up at night.

There were times you couldn't lay down flat in bed.


You're thinking:

I have no time! How long will it take until I'll feel better?

I'll have to diet or worse become a ...vegan!

I'll have spend lots on expensive supplements!

My spouse just may not support yet another "diet!"

My family and friends will make comments and I'll stick out if I eat well.

I'll never see chocolate or a good glass of wine again!

I'll have to do cleanses and starve or only buy food at specialty grocery stores!

I'll have to count points or calories, go to meetings, weigh in or buy frozen food- again!

Even though I only have those last pounds to lose, they'll creep back on like before.

You're wondering how will I eat while I travel, work or while I'm on the go?

What about my children? I worry about their health too! How is everyone going to eat healthy?


Relax, you don't have anything to worry about in this evidence-based program.

It is a proven 5 Step System - commit to yourself, do it, it works.

It is a like having your own manual to run a fabulous flat belly factory!


If you could wave a wand, drop those last pounds, sleep soundly symptom- free and live each day with energy what would it be worth?


Besides, you've already:

bought books, programs and DVDs; watched late night TV, cut your carbs, added more protein, mixed powders, sipped lemon drinks, popped capsules, bought supplements and gym memberships- and you've even typed into Google to try to figure this weight loss, menopause, stomach stuff out.

You're exhausted!

You've watched your friends, celebrities, exercise gurus and even Marie Osmond to try motivate you but you just want a properly trained professional, someone who is truly experienced and well trained to keep weight off, stop symptoms and keep you healthy (the magic word.)


Hello, I'm Lana Kontos, I'm so glad you're here... don't go away this is where it gets good...


What's important for you to know is I'm a Trained and Certified, Science - Based, Diet and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.(Humbly I'm 1 out of about 200 in the nation.)


I'm also a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, but respectfully I don't practice like one.


What sets me apart is my training in Lifestyle Medicine...


(Our Focus is Food and Lowering Life Stress= that's the "medicine.")


I've been trained for years by some of the world's leading medical doctors, Ph.D's, and a world renowned nutritional biochemist from Cornell University.

(These doctors do not use drugs and surgery to lose weight, stop symptoms or prevent disease.)

They laid their careers and reputations on the line to do the right thing for the patient.

(I have to say, I'm not anti- medicine, anti medical doctor or anti- surgery. We're not foolish, we know those protocols can save lives in particular cases. We live in the best country in the world with the finest medical system for just those types of events.)

I've studied at The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and helped hundreds and hundreds in my private practice; lose weight, stop their acid reflux, fatigue, sleepless nights and their PMS and menopause symptoms. It's a joy and a blessing to watch people get their life back.


And...I get you...

I've also had a very stressful corporate career in my day and I've also run a very successful at home business so that I could stay home with my baby. I get you because I was you.


You have to juggle it all whether you run your business at the helm in C Suite or at home in your bare feet.


Your health has suffered a bit, a few pounds have crept on and you're ready.


Great because I'm well trained, experienced and I've been where you are.


In fact, when I was in corporate I'd have to ask my colleagues in my carpool to stop off at the closest exit and let me use the restroom because of my acid reflux and IBS.

I remember one year sliding down the wall in my kitchen and landing on the tile floor in tears from sheer exhaustion. I was prescribed medication for sinus infections for years.


That was then...


Today after years of school with the right doctors I feel amazing every day.

I've had the pleasure of helping many clients all over the U.S., Canada, England and Europe and I know exactly how to teach you to feel your best so that you can leave your legacy!

I even sailed through menopause without symptoms. Not a hot flash, extra weight, lost sleep or foggy thinking. I'm feel fabulous I'll teach you how to do it-the right way.

Anyone can tell you how to lose weight and you can take pills to reduce most symptoms but are you promoting disease while you're doing it?


That's absolutely the magic question!


I'll share some of my case studies with you, of course they have given me permission ...

My client Susan DeLeo, 53, former TV host for 25 years and medic company owner, dropped 3 dress sizes, eliminated her acid reflux, stopped her menopause symptoms and anti depressants.

My client Kathy, 47, respiratory therapist, eliminated her very painful acid reflux and avoided gall bladder surgery as well in my program.

My client Sara, 46, preschool teacher and Mom, dropped nearly 30 pounds and stopped her migraines (she had most all her life) and menopause symptoms in this program.

My client Dr. Greg,46 a PhD research scientist, author and speaker stopped his acid reflux and kidney stones from reappearing in our program.


We were told diet has nothing to do with health, acid reflux is not reversible and menopause is something every woman has to suffer through.


Those are myths! Those statements are simply not true.


We're all proud of our western affluent nation and blessed to live in it.

Our health care system is broke.

I've had many clients say to me after they have spent lots of time and money out there trying to improve their health; I'm so pissed off. This is a business! This is not health care.


50 years ago 1 in 3,000 were diagnosed with cancer, today 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime!


I know- aren't you just so ticked off? Me too! Time to take control ourselves.


So... ready to learn the truth about food, flat bellies and no more menopause?


Just with YOU in mind, I've put together evidence- based, proven, convenient, at home program(s)...


Your Skinny Kitchen (I offer Your Corporate Kitchen too.)


Packed with thousands of dollars worth of information and a 5 step plan to get you on the right track quickly.


No you don't have to be a vegan unless that's your personal choice.

No you don't have to buy bottles of vitamins and supplements.

You get the evidence - based system in a step by step, easy to follow format.

Send an email. Lana@inspiredbywellness.com with the following:

1) Your name, age, email and best number to reach you

2) How you heard about us

3) How soon you are looking to start your health make over


Join us and Leave your Legacy-

Dr. Lana








Counting the Numbers
with Dr. Lana Kontos

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”
Genesis 1:29