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The HEART of Fertility:
What in the CELL is going on?

How to Balance Your Hormones and Your Weight so that you can have the child of your dreams!

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of Fertility Formula

The HEART of Menopause Formula is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to overcome irritating mid- life symptoms such as, weight gain, night sweats and even anxiety and bad moods. It is all simply done by using my science- based, easy to follow 5 step formula. The secret to it all is getting your
cells healthy because that will help to balance your hormones.

This is a formula full of precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to exactly what I do and what most of my successful clients do each, and every day!

Your 90 Day Transformation with Dr. Lana

This is a very special program and it’s extremely limited. This is where I work with savvy, smart female clients, just like you, on the phone or virtually one on one. I would teach you the latest scientific breakthroughs as well as natural modalities so that you can improve your cellular health. I share the nuances, strategies, and precise tools that are customized just for you and your life so that you can maximize the chances of having the child of your dreams. It is like grad school for your wellness but I decipher it all for you step by step, call by call. You’ll discover the comprehensive pieces to this puzzle in cellular health so that your chances increase NOW. I want your biggest problem to be what color to paint the nursery.


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