Eat for the WIN

Special DEC 26, 2020 - JAN 6, 2021 then the price will go up and the offer closes!


Discover Specifically How to Eat and Live for Weight Loss, Infertility and No More Menopause...

in a 5 Week Course Guided By Me.



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Why am I offering this valuable, never taught to the public before formula at such a special? 


Because in my practice, weight, infertility and menopause are the 3 main issues women want me to help them solve.


I felt in my heart women around the world deserve this accurate, results- driven, life - saving information.

You absolutely deserve it!

And, you won't find this in college, at the doctor's office, or surfing online at 2 am. 


Do not worry...

you don't have to  be a vegan if that's not your thing.

If it is, I help you with that too.

(Like chocolate? I've got you covered.)


Most women really appreciate this…

I have a way for you to get safe, fat burning, energy boosting protein in your tissues in about 23 minutes!

And, I have an easy way to help you sleep better and help your skin glow too.


Now this one's a game changer, I have a quick way for you to easily remove toxins from your body that are sprayed all over our food supply, in the US, Canada, and the UK!


And, I can help you remove those cancer - promoting pesticides by 74% in 6 weeks using a safe method that takes just 20 seconds a day!

(Children can be helped and use that too!)


Don't miss out grab your spot so that you can balance your hormones, and get this taken care of so that you can lower this stress.

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The good news is...

you start to feel really good!

Eat For The WIN:


What's in it for you?


You are sent a step by step, bullet point  Eat for The WIN Guide each week. (It's paint by numbers easy!)


You will gain access to The Food Formula that I have never taught in groups before!  (Called Eat LOW)

This is all updated and new, even for private clients, because it is now in an even easier format to follow!


You will receive simple, weekly action steps in the all in one Guide- You learn precisely what to do that week, and it's so easy a 12 year old could do it.


You will receive and email from me weekly not only with the guide but with insider info is added to help expedite your results.


You will receive accurate health information each week that frankly could save your life. It doesn't get more serious than that.



One Sheet How to Easily Help Balance Your Hormones- whether you're trying to get pregnant, or drop that extra 15, or ditch the hot flashes. This one checklist can change everything for you. It proves to be invaluable. This one document is worth the entire course. (It may even save a life.) Priceless.



How to Set Up MY SKINNY KTICHEN A Personal Audio with a very helpful checklist  where I guide you exactly how to set up your kitchen. This is from My Skinny Kitchen course.  A very popular class that I taught for years. $497 course.



The Magic Bullet Call of exactly when to eat. You will get a private recording of the ONE simple but powerful thing that can do to accelerate your results. This was only part of my private client protocol in the past. I have never taught it specifically in a group. $97


The bonuses alone would be over $900.



Plus you are not alone...

You receive a private invitation to The Eat For The Win Formula Women's Face Book Group where you can be supported by not only me but other kind, caring like- minded ladies.


Not on Face Book?- do not worry the core of my correspondence is weekly email so that you never miss out on a thing!



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I know what you are thinking…


Is this for real? 

Yes it is, in fact, it's backed by science. I show you. And it's worked on of thousands of people around the world for decades.


Can I really do this? 

Yes, you can. You're smart and deep down you want it to work. Besides I offer a special bonus where you can send me questions.

Is this that simple?

Yes, if you can read, you have clean water, and you show up you can do it. It's that simple.


This is a proven, time - tested, very easy to learn system...

I have put this formula together after years of school, exceptional training, and working in my practice and I have staked my reputation as a naturopathic doctor, as a Mother and as a friend on it.

You’ve got to hear what doctors, clients & Moms are saying...



My friend is a busy anesthesiologist and a Mom. " I completed my first 30 days. I lost a total of 20 pounds, my cholesterol markers plummeted, I feel amazing, I am sleeping well, and my skin glows! I am sold. I even have pep in my step!”   (And she just used a part of the system I teach!)


A client of mine who had some weight to lose and was a bit depressed, "I'm down 47 pounds and I feel like my cells are being fed for the first time in my life! And I'm not hungry."


Another client who is a busy executive and travels a lot told me that "They love it because you can make and take your meals anywhere."


My private client here in Ohio even helped her elderly Father with a small part of this Eat For The WIN plan!

* You can read lots of client and colleague testimonials in the About section if you like.

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Eat For The WIN Formula and never look back!



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