Eat for the WIN Individual Digital, Do It At Home Programs

 After many requests Individual Eat for the WIN digital Do at Home programs on:

acid reflux, blood pressure, weight loss, helping college students stay healthy and aging parent stay independent will be coming here May 27, 2021 to this page.

Soon you'll be able to click and have these life- altering, easy to follow courses in your hands.

Because... if you can keep your weight and blood pressure in normal range, your digestive system healthy and your students and aging parents well, then life is good.



I'll show you how you can feel and look your best as you move through those years after your babes are heading into college.

The good news is it's not your Mom's, your doctor's or your fault.

We are not taught how to eat and live so that we can avoid those hot flashes, heart stents or that belly pouch.

I am here to tell you there is a way.

 I was blessed to be trained by some of the foremost medical doctors and research scientists in the world.

Let me impart some of that wisdom on you.



 Why am I offering these valuable formulas at such a special?

Because in my practice, digestive issues, weight, blood pressure, and heart problems were the main reasons people came to me.


People deserve this accurate, life - changing information because it's not taught in medical schools in our nation.

You absolutely deserve to know.

And, you won't find these formulas in a college class, at the doctor's office, or surfing online at 2 am either.


Do not worry...

you do not have to live on broccoli or tofu if that's not your thing.

If it is, I help you with that too.

(Like chocolate? I've got you covered.)


Most people really appreciate this too…

I have a way for you to get safe, fat burning, energy boosting protein in your tissues in about 23 minutes...

a way to help you sleep better and help your skin glow too.

And, I have a simple way for you to easily remove a toxin from your body that is linked to cancer, dementia, weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, Chron's, colitis and even birth defects.

I can help you remove that toxin by 74% in 6 weeks using a safe method that takes just 20 seconds a day.

(Children can be helped too.)

Those are just a few things that you will discover in these game changing at- home programs.



Eat For The WIN:

What's in it for you?


How about sleeping better, easily slipping into your jeans and no more mid-life symptoms?


You will gain access to The Updated Food Formula and accurate health information that I have never put in an at home program.


It may save a life.



 EASY THROW TOGETHER MEALS ARE INSIDE THE PROGRAMS with ingredients found at any store, and without complicated recipes. Some have no recipes at all!



BONUS # 2 


Exactly how to boost adiponectin, know as

The SKINNY HORMONE, each night and day with ease.




(That alone is worth nearly $1,500 or a group of private consults.)




The ONE simple but powerful thing that can do to accelerate your results. This was only part of my private client protocol in the past. I have never taught it specifically in at home programs.


The bonuses alone would be well over $1,000.



All will be available May 27, 2021.


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I know what you are thinking…


Is this for real? 

Yes it is, in fact, it's backed by science. And they have worked on of thousands of people around the world for decades.


Can I really do this? 

Yes, you can. You're smart and deep down you want it to work. Besides I offer a special Bonus Workbook of Frequently Asked Questions that covers it all for you! It is worth over $1500 honestly.

Is this that simple?

Yes, if you can read, you can boil water, and you follow directions you can do it. It's that simple.


These are proven, time - tested, very easy to learn plans...

I have put formulas together after years of school, exceptional training, and working in my private practice and I have staked my reputation on it. It works. It's science.

Hear what doctors, clients & Moms are saying...



My friend is a busy anesthesiologist and a Mom. " I completed my first 30 days. I lost a total of 20 pounds, my cholesterol markers plummeted, I feel amazing, I am sleeping well, and my skin glows! I am sold. I even have pep in my step!”

 (And this busy doctor used only one small part of the system.)


A client of mine who had some weight to lose and was a bit anxious said, "I'm down 51 pounds and I feel like my cells are being fed for the first time in my life! And I'm not hungry."


Another client who is a busy executive and travels a lot told me that "They love it because you can make your meals anywhere."


My private client in Ohio even helped her elderly Father with his cognitive health and his energy using a small part of this Eat For The WIN programs.


May 27, 2021 You will be able to Click the programs here and get access to one or all of these individual Eat For The WIN Programs and never look back.
Be well,
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