We help North American Families Live Healthier with Pure, Organic, Affordable, yet Fast Nutrition!

Are you a Busy Business Woman? A Mom, a Nurse, or an Educator?  A Trainer, a Real Estate Agent or a Yoga Teacher? 

Want to Feel and Look Your Best, Earn Some Income without Leaving Home, and Make a Difference in this World?

(Don’t worry, if you’re not in one of those categories, if you're a woman who is into be healthier, and wants to be a part of something bigger, check this out and let's talk.)


Because we’re on a mission …

Solving North American Family Health Problems from The Western Diet, such as: Weight Gain, Childhood and Adult Obesity, Poor Sleep, Anxiety and Depression, using a pure, affordable and fast, super food nutrition!

This can help increase your energy and even tighten your skin.

(We've got "Safe" Protein that gets into your tissue in 23 minutes; astonishing.)

And, please know this...We do not, ever, make health claims! This is food.

Super Food Made Fast…


No, you don’t have to live on Broccoli, Celery Shavings, or be a Vegan (unless that’s your thing.)

We've got an easy way to get delicious super nutrition in you, fast!

Wait, what?


You’re smart, you’re probably thinking is this for children too?

Absolutely, even young toddlers.

After all, most women think that nothing is more important than children’s health.

This is in my daughter’s dorm room at college, by the way.

The more you find out, you may start thinking of others who need this too.

Do you know any student or pro athletes? (We have super food packs just for them.)

Do you have aging parents? (The happy stories will bring tears to your eyes.)

Busy millennials? (Oh they really need this, and they may want to share it too.)



And, best of all,

You can do it in about 2 minutes a day.

All without diets, weighing food, or counting a calorie,

without forcing kale and tofu down, if that’s not your thing,

and, without slaving in the kitchen or the gym!


How much?

All for about $5.82 a meal or $11 a day…

when you start with The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Kit (which most people do) because that kit = 2 meals a day for 30 days.

Can’t get a gourmet coffee for that!

Forget the cost of a coffee, you can’t get an organic, LIVE, super food, Non- Genetically Modified meal for that low cost either.

You can’t. We checked.

And, it is shipped to your door in 2 days Fed Ex.


One thing I want to stress…

This is LIVE Super Food, Non – GMO, Organic, Nutrition.

Live, because Purium, has a proprietary process that keeps the enzymes stable in the Power and Super Meal Shake until they are reconstituted with water or liquid.




In fact, these super foods have been made for over 25 years, we just need an army of like – minded souls like you, to help us get the word out, and not keep this game changer a secret any more.


We’re talking a super food meal, that's wildly nutritious, and made in minutes.

(Like chocolate? We can help you out there too.)


Most people really appreciate this…

The Ultimate Lifestyle Kit and The Core 4 Kit contain a natural product that reduces CRP (a marker for heart disease,) and that removes 74% of glyphosate from your system in just 6 weeks!

What’s glyphosate?

A broad -spectrum herbicide and crop desiccant or weed killer. Look it up. Shocking.

Glyphosate has been sprayed all over our food supply for decades and has been linked to specific life threatening diseases.

And you should know... you can’t wash off glyphosate or cook it off either.


You’re still with me.

So am I right about you so far?

Of course, we’d love for you to get this super fast, super food into your own family daily,


yet back to our mission…

It’s bigger than me, bigger than you…

We want women to help us get this into millions of families all over the US and Canada.

Yes, you get paid to do it.

Yes, you can use your lap -top, I pad or smart phone.

The best part is you do not have to leave your home.

We’re pretty used to staying home and familiar with Zoom these days right?


And many of my female clients shared that they’d love to make more money.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re independently wealthy, who doesn’t?

They said they’d love to have a bigger purpose, and have some fun too.

People perish without a vision, right?

They also said they'd love to be a part of a community of like – minded people.

You will be too, when you join us.

And, Moms all over The United States and Canada need you, families need you.


Click here to become a Brand Partner and join us now, so that we can help families all over North America get healthier quickly, affordably and conveniently.


You need a gift code to join.

My gift (savings) and referral code for you is INSPIRED

Most people get the BEST kit.

* Do not click The Good Kit, or the $49 Kit because....

there are no products with those kits. That does not make any sense to get those kits.

So, basically you're getting your Purium at - home, save your family's health, and help save America's and Canada's Health business, for nothing because you get super foods!

You are getting 60 Super Food Meals Made in 2 minutes a day with The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Kit.



You will now own your very own Online Super Food Store.

If you don't think that is the future of wellness, think again.

Click here to join us and become a brand partner so that we can move this mission forward. We cannot do it alone. Your family needs it too.


Your Next Step After Your Join Us…

Email me at lana@lanakontos.com because I’m going to help guide you each step of the way…or if you have questions.



Do not worry…

No, there are no quotas, you are paid on what you share as you want to share it.

No, you are not forced to stay, although most women do because they LOVE how they feel, they start to naturally share it and they make some money.

No, there is no auto ship, you order when you like.


The good news is...

Yes, there is a ton of support so that you are comfortable. You are not alone.

Yes, there are short training videos so that you can learn quickly.

Yes, there are professional tools to share so that you feel confident.

Yes, you can do this even if you are busy, most women are, I am.

And, yes, it’s a lot of fun!

Plus you start to feel really good! 


Ok, I know what you are thinking…

Is this for real?  Yes.

Can I really do this?  Yes.

Is this that simple? Yes.

Does this take a lot of time?

It could take 10 minutes a day or a couple hours a day, totally your call.

Some women have replaced their professional income and moved this from plan B to their plan A.

Truly depends if you just want to make some extra money or if you want to replace an executive income. You can absolutely do either.

Once again, the professional support is off the charts to be honest.



This is serious business with a powerful, heartfelt, extremely important mission...

with a proven, time - tested, very easy to learn system...

and I have staked my reputation as a naturopathic doctor, a Mother and a friend on it.

So have thousands of other smart, kind, big dreaming women just like you.



You’ve got to hear what doctors, clients & Moms are saying...


My friend is a busy anesthesiologist and a Mom. " I completed my first ULT (30 days). I lost a total of 17 pounds, my cholesterol markers plummeted, I feel amazing, I am sleeping well, and my skin glows! I am sold. Purium will forever be a part of my life! I'm ready to tell anyone who will listen what this product and eating whole food can do for you!" Dr. D told me she is “addicted to that Power Shake and has a pep in her step.”


A client of mine who had some weight to lose and was a bit depressed, "I'm down 47 pounds and I feel like my cells are being fed for the first time in my life! And I'm not hungry." They are sharing this now too.


Another client who is a busy executive and travels a lot told me that "They crave that power shake now!”  And, they love it because you can make it anywhere. You just need cold water. They are sharing it now too.

Another client who called me because her 80 year old Dad was very ill said..."I have to about my visit with Papa (her Dad) last night!!! He is amazing! His mental acuity is through the roof!! He said to my fiance, you need to be taking this Biome medic (removes glyphosate from the body) and this cherry for your sleep! (It reduces inflammation and has naturally occurring melatonin for deep sleep.) He can't wait to get his Super Aminos (safe protein) and he loves his energy. He's losing weight and he said he's not hungry! I don't even know what to say. I'm so happy. I'm so grateful!"


Click here to join us and become a brand partner so that we can move this mission forward, you can add some cash in your account by helping other families be healthier, and your family can be healthier too! A win-win-win.

Select the BEST Kit and be sure to use the gift code from me: inspired.


One more thing, get ready to feel your best mentally and physically.


One last thing...

Contact me lana@lanakontos.com when you are done, because I’m going to help guide you each step of the way after you join us and get your Best Kit, which is The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Kit.

Want help signing up?


Send me a message in the contact section of this site, most happy to help you.

Please understand…

I don’t work 24/7 and I’m Eastern Standard Time in the US. I'll return your email as quickly as possibly during the work week so that you can get started.

A lot of people are reading this and there is great interest!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Join us today.

Can't wait for your story to unfold.




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